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Tips for Getting Great Property Valuation


As an investor, the current value of your property is a crucial aspect especially if you are planning to apply for a loan. Most lenders will approve a particular percentage of the total value of your property. Likely, you may not know that the little things you don’t pay attention to can influence the final report. In this article, we have put up a few strong points to prioritize to get quality home valuation services.


One of the ways to get great home valuation is by paying attention to presentation details. Ensure that you do enough work in and around the house to make it look clean and presentable. After all, first impression matters! It is important to note that if the property is painted, neat, and tidy, you can expect the valuer to be more positive. You may think that your undone laundry which scatters everywhere on the floor is nothing much but the truth of the matter is that it can affect the value of your property. Get outside; is the lawn properly mowed? Be sure to click for more details!


You should also ensure that you have recent sales evidence. Find time to gather information regarding the sale of any property in the area recently and present it to the valuer. You can get two or three of them but try to look for a valuation of a similar property. If you have time, attend some auctions to familiarize yourself with the market prices. You are likely to get sales brochures which, if you present to your valuer, can track the agent to know the right selling price of the property. Be sure to learn more today!


Then there is the aspect of the rates notice. Get a copy of your municipal rates and present it to your valuer. The value in your area may not be similar to another place but you can be sure that it contains the unimproved land value. This indicates the value of the land before development. Although it is based on approximations, the valuer will get an insight into where to where to place it in the marketplace. Know more about real estate at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_estate


Last but not least, ensure that you are honest with every detail. If, for example, you are going to compare with the selling of another property in the area, don’t quote a higher price because the valuer will finally find out. If you observe these tricks, you will be sure to get great property valuation.